Piano Tuning

Serving 100 mile radius: from Paul’s Valley including: Ada OK, Ardmore OK, Davis OK, Lindsay OK, Norman OK, Purcell OK,  Sulphur OK

Assessing Your Instrument
The first thing we do as a part of your tuning is to assess the current condition of your instrument. We examine it, play it, and inspect it thoroughly before we make any adjustments.

Pitch Perfect
Piano tuning requires expertise and a trained ear. The tune of the instrument is also different in practice than in theory. We work from one ideal pitch, and then make adjustments so that all pitches are correct in relation to that first pitch.

After Infrequent Servicing
If the instrument has not been serviced regularly, the piano tuning will take more time and skill. All strings must first be tuned to their approximate pitch before the fine adjustments can be made.

A part of the piano tuning service is achieving the voice you choose. Our technicians bring out the full range of tone in your instrument and assure that it has the ability to produce both strong and soft tones.

During the piano tuning session, adjustments can be made to perfect the regulation. When we complete the job, your instrument will have a quick, smooth action and all keys will be even.

Tuning Referral Offer
We offer a free tuning with every 5 tuning referrals you make. We appreciate the faith you show in sharing our name with your friends and family and offer this free gift to you in return.